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  • Kate Moss High Summer 2009

    How incredible are these shots from Topshop's new collection: Kate Moss High Summer 2009. Those huge beaded earrings are to...

    BLOGBrynaMay 20, 2009
  • Generation Love Clothing

    I was recently contacted by Audrey Bressa-Valcourt of Generation Love Clothing about their new brand of high end tees, which are...

    BLOGBrynaMay 18, 2009
  • Taylor Momsen Fashion

    Taylor Momsen is one of those lucky few who, at the age of fifteen, actually has a sense of fashion. ...

    FASHIONBrynaMay 1, 2009
  • Launch Your Own Clothing Line

    If you, like me, have dreamt about how to launch your own clothing line (or perfume line, or handbag line), then...

    BLOGBrynaApril 28, 2009
  • Coachella Fashion

    After spending the entire weekend (and today) in rainy Boston, it was somewhat heartbreaking to see all the photos this morning...

    BLOGBrynaApril 20, 2009
  • Fashion Inspiration, April 2009

    Fashion inspiration for April includes the Miu Miu clutch, headbands, London "cool", Native American prints, Western style, thigh high boots, Topshop...

    BLOGBrynaApril 10, 2009