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  • GĂ©raldine Saglio

    I think I would be hard pressed to find a fashion blogger who doesn't find French women as super-stylish as I...

    FASHIONBrynaApril 6, 2009
  • Litter SF

    These pictures are from Litter SF - some of the most amazing jewelry I have found in a long time. Litter...

    BLOGBrynaMarch 14, 2009
  • Nightcap Clothing

    I came across Nightcap Clothing by accident the other day and loved these pictures from their look book, especially with the...

    BLOGBrynaMarch 11, 2009
  • Mischa Barton In Nylon

    I found these pictures of Mischa Barton in Nylon last year. I just love how 70s, Marianne Faithfull-esque she is...

    BLOGBrynaMarch 9, 2009
  • Fashion Mood Board, March 2009

    My fashion mood board for March: loving gypsy-esque editorials, fur and feathers, vintage tees, street style and black and white photographs.

    BLOGBrynaMarch 9, 2009
  • Isabel Marant Clothes

    This collection of clothes by Isabel Marant - they are beyond incredible. It reminds me slightly of Marni, slightly of Balmain,...

    BLOGBrynaMarch 6, 2009