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  • Best Fashion Blogs Of 2008

    It was only earlier this year that I first delved into the huge world of fashion blogs. I have a long...

    BLOGBrynaDecember 18, 2008
  • Paris Chic

    I have always been a fan of Paris Chic. After flicking through a notebook the other day and finding a picture...

    BLOGBrynaDecember 17, 2008
  • Fashion Inspiration, December 2008

    My fashion inspiration at the moment is overwhelming – I am inspired by a lot of things but there is not...

    BLOGBrynaDecember 16, 2008
  • Richards Sisters: Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    To me, the Richards sisters are slightly insane. They are mini-versions of their parents (Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, as if...

    FASHIONBrynaDecember 15, 2008
  • Angéline Mélin

    A few days ago I received an email from Angéline Mélin, telling me about herself. She is a French illustrator who...

    BLOGBrynaDecember 14, 2008
  • Sienna Miller Hair

    When it comes to hair, I am pretty low maintenance. I have long admired the hair that Sienna Miller sported in...

    BEAUTYBrynaDecember 13, 2008