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The Perfect Gift: Wood Watches by Jord


Looking for a perfect little gift for that special someone this February?  Whether you are shopping for the man or woman in your life, we’re here to save you some time.  Everyone loves a compliment, that head turning accessory that everyone will comment on; you are guaranteed to get some envious looks (and at least one “Where did you get that?!”) with these standout wood watches from Jord.

A Little History on Jord

Jord seeks to stray away from the traditional modern take on fashion we see so often.  They want to leave metals, rubbers and plastic behind and get back to our roots: nature.

Jord’s wood watches are comprised of wood from all over the world, ensuring that each watch is not only stylish and sturdy but unique, no two can be exactly the same.  The creators of Jord knew they wanted something different, they wanted a watch that says something about the person wearing it.  Jord wanted to standout amongst a crowd of stainless steel and show what nature has to offer us and they have exceeded, and then some.

If it’s all in a name, then this name says it all.  Jord is Swedish for earth, soil, sand… which is exactly what you feel when putting on one of their smoothly cut wood watches, close to nature (and damn stylish, too).

Where to Find Your New Wood Watch


You aren’t going to pick up a wood watch like this at Macy’s (which means the likelihood of someone matching you is rare), but you can find tons of choices on the Jord website.

With about a dozen models, including both men’s and women’s, there is some wood for everyone.  Give one as a gift, pick one up for yourself, maybe even pick up a few.  Is there a better summer watch than one that blends right in at the park?  We think not.

Our Final Review on Jord Wood Watches


I have to be honest, I think these watches are really cool.  I have seen wooden accessories before but these are stylish, innovative and at only $120-$249 they won’t break the bank.  Do yourself a favor and get back in touch with nature.

Click here to check out the full line of wood watches by Jord, you’re gonna love ’em.

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