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Refresh Your Closet With French Connection’s New Arrivals


Spectacular Sparkle Maxi Dress

Marie V-Neck Jersey Jumpsuit

Spectacular Sparkle JumpsuitFrench-Connection-New-Arrivals-2

Glitter Whisper Strappy Dress

Siberian Stripe Sequin Dress

Shimmer Shower Midi DressFrench-Connection-New-Arrivals-3

Spectacular Sparkle Jacket

Raven Trousers

Rubix Rabbit CoatFrench-Connection-New-Arrivals-4

Mika Jacket

Waterloo Denim Jeans

Honey Lace Insert Sweatshirt

Refresh your wardrobe with the latest new arrivals at French Connection. With a huge selection of different pieces suitable for the daytime and evening, and also for the upcoming parties. You can now celebrate the festive holiday season with French Connection’s sparkly dresses and stay cozy in the faux-fux coats. Whether it’s a plain sweater or a dramatic dress, there’s something suitable for everyone, so make sure you stay on-trend and up-to-date with French Connection’s latest styles. Head over to French Connection to check out the full collection now.

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