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Rita Ora Turns Fashion Designer with Hot New Collection for Adidas Originals

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The singer, who has been involved in many collaborations recently, has now turned her talents to fashion design with a hot new collection for Adidas Originals. She may have found it a bit of a challenge stating:

“I have a whole different form of respect for designers now. There’s a lot that goes into it that I just didn’t think about when I used to just wear clothes.”

But we think you’ll agree that this bold and colourful new collection comprising an array of sportswear from jumpsuits to tracksuit jackets to boxer style shorts to sweaters with unique cutouts, in a glorious combination of blue, yellow, pink, green, black and white hues, is just perfect and so synonymous with the singer’s style that we all know and love. What do you think of Miss Ora’s designer skills?

Images via Vogue

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