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Ruby Tuesday: 4 May 2010

Our Ruby Tuesday link roundup this week includes Kelly Cutrone’s career tips, a look inside Karl Lagerfeld’s studio and a chat with the Vogue interns who make it out alive.

See the Coachella debauchery through the eyes of the Facehunter.

If we were in 1979, would you be a preppie?

Find out what’s next for the Ksubi bad boys.

Martha Stewart’s past includes prison time and modeling for Chanel.

Refinery29 gets a New York tour with Kell On Earth’s Prince of Darkness, Andrew Mukamal.

Imogen Morris-Clarke interviews models on their pre-modeling dreams.

Scarlett Johansson spills on her beauty secrets.

Life after Vogue, if there is such a thing.

A chat with Sex & The City super-stylist Patricia Field.

Chrissie Miller of Sophomore has a tumblr.

Phillip Lim shops for vintage.

The UO Blog talks to The Selby.. who has been inside Karl Lagerfeld’s studio.

Kelly Cutrone’s top 10 tips for a career in the fashion industry. Don’t say she didn’t warn you!

Famed photographer Bill Cunningham moves out of Carnegie Hall.

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