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Santorini Inspired


Santorini is one of the many inhabited islands of Greece. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, it has distinct geographical formations due to a large volcanic explosion. Present-day Santorini has become one of the most popular islands in the Mediterannean. Known for the remarkable beaches, romantic sunsets, and colorful architecture, Santorini is filled with beauty, culture, and inspiration. In terms of fashion, outfits usually consist of free-flowing dresses, patterned bathingsuits, lace-up sandals, and bold jewelry. Loose silhouettes and natural beauty ultimately reflect the immediate surroundings of this island. Whether you’re setting out for a romantic getaway or lusting after elegant beach attire, get the look with our picks below:

1. Eugenia Kim Sunny Woven Toyo and Cotton-Blend Sunhat ($459)

2. Missoni Zigzag Crochet-Knit Swimsuit ($508)

3. Alice + Olivia Bade Pleated Crepe and Silk-Chiffon Maxi Dress ($306)

4. Chloé Cate Cuff ($397)

5. Michael Kors Large “Santorini” Raffia Clutch ($468)

6. Crate & Barrel Blue Turkish Towel ($27)

7. Ancient Greek Sandals Fteroti Leather Sandals ($184)

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