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Sasha Samuel Custom Headpieces

New York-based designer Sasha Samuel has created a series of custom headpieces inspired by Ginger Rogers and The Neverending Story’s Childlike Empress.

Over the last few years, an infinite slew of celebrities – from Nicole Richie to Mischa Barton – have been seen sporting boho-inspired headpieces. While these starlets usually opt for leather-braided versions or gold-plated iterations, a new line of headpieces – by New York-based designer Sasha Samuel – may have them opting for headpieces with a little more bling. Inspired by Ginger Rogers and The Neverending Story’s Childlike Empress, these seriously sparkly headbands are the perfect way to dress up an otherwise dull outfit.

According to Refinery29, each piece is made from antique deco appliqué that Sasha puts together by hand – hence, each piece is totally unique in its design. While these headpieces would, of course, look amazing paired with a fringed flapper dress, we’re sure they would look equally stylish on top of a jeans-and-tee combo – either way, they are certain to be the focus of your outfit.

For a glistening made-to-order headpiece of your own, contact or, if you’re in New York, head to New York Vintage at 117 W 25th Street. Prices start at $100.

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