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Sergio Rossi SS14: Italian Extravaganza


The Sergio Rossi Spring/Summer 2014 collection explores the design and decorative arts of  the early seventies and interprets them in a contemporary way. Angelo Ruggeri, Collections and Design Director, creates a multifaceted collection in which pure shapes are accentuated through the choice and combination of different materials and colors.  Sergio-Rossi-SS14-2

This season one of the main key styles includes the new pyramid-shaped stiletto that blends curved lines and striking geometric shapes, cleverly using contrasts to create balance and harmony.

The Sergio Rossi SS14 collection consists of two universal themes: the organic world with it’s rich variety of elements and the kaleidoscope as a filter that created amazing shapes and reflections.

The Organic World Theme is about using natural elements like bamboo, which is used for sculptural sandals with contrasting metallic details, and giraffe or zebra-print gladiator-style sandal boots made of stingray leather.

The Kaleidoscope is the idea behind the vibrant color combinations and playful blends of patterns.  Sergio-Rossi-SS14-3

Images Courtesy of Sergio Rossi

Sandals come in geometric shapes in 3D jacquard macro-print suede, while the dressy evening shoes covers the foot with tiny jewel embellishments and dazzling sparkles.

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