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Sharapova X Supergoop

sharapova-x-supergoop sharapova-x-supergoop-2 sharapova-x-supergoop-3After the growing success of her confectionary label ‘Sugarpova’, the tennis ace has added to her business portfolio, by collaborating with sun protection brand Supergoop. The brand’s everyday face and body moisturizer, that Sharapova actually wears whilst training and during tournaments, will become part of her venture.

“One of the most important keys to this relationship and partnership is the (idea) that you don’t only need sunscreen when you’re outdoors and it’s 100 degrees outside, but on the days when you are just going to the office and you might only spend 10 minutes outdoors, you should still be wearing sun protection.”

Aside from being an advertisement for the brand (by wearing the products herself) when she’s on court, Sharapova also wants to stress the importance of sun protection, when she’s not on the court. She said that she sees this as an opportunity to educate people about the dangers of skin cancer and as another step toward her post-playing career.

As a popular outdoor sports person, who’s constantly exposed to the sun, she’s certainly going to the do the brand a huge favor and help to get this important message out there.

Images via Sportbuzzbusiness, 10sballs, wwd.


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