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How to Shop for Pearl Earrings


Pearl Earrings for Every Occasion

Pearl earrings have a fantastic look that can go with anything. Simple earrings that let the pearls take center stage are great for drawing attention to your face, while a pair of shoulder dusting earrings can make an amazing impression on others. Many women tend to think that pearls are something they can only wear on special occasions. They keep theirs tucked away in a jewelry box until they have an excuse to wear them. With the right pearl earrings, any day can become a special occasion.

Looking for Something Simple?

Historians found evidence that women wore pearl earrings thousands of years ago. Throughout history, some women found that they just preferred the more basic designs over the more elaborate ones. When it comes to pearl earrings though, basic is anything but boring. Studs are easily one of the most popular designs. Also known as post earrings, this design features a simple post with a flat end that holds the pearl in place. With a simple pair of pearl studs in your jewelry box, you’ll have a pair of earrings that you wear every day at work, lunch with friends and running around town.

Prefer Something for Elaborate?

Think about the looks you will get when you wear a pair of large earrings. Several varieties of pearls are twice as large or even larger than those you see in stores. Designers pair those large pearls with white and yellow gold to create earrings that will definitely make a statement. Cubic zirconia, diamonds and other real or artificial stones can put those earrings over the top. When choosing a pair of larger or longer earrings, make sure that you take into account the weight. Some styles can weigh heavily on your ears, making those designs best suited for short term wear.

Finding a Middle Ground

There are occasions when you want something fancier than a pair of studs but not as fancy as a pair of long or heavy earrings. For those occasions, why not try a pair of dangling earrings? Silver or white gold posts support chains, links and other designs made from matching gold with the pearls dangling at the bottom. You’ll also find hoops and other styles decorated with one or more pearls. Check and other similar sites to find the perfect pearl earrings for work, date night and all other occasions.

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