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What’s not to love about the shoes and socks trend, this often considered as nerdy and old-fashioned combination is amazingly chic this season, it’s been approved by celebs and fashionista’s and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Whether you decide to complete your ensemble with a pair of brogues, sandals, heels or sneakers, donning some bold socks with your chosen footwear is the way to get noticed this season.

This trend works well with almost any type of outfit especially midi-skirts and short skirts, another way pull off this look is with shorts, jeans and dresses. Some people prefer to play it safe and opt for some plain black socks, but when it comes to shoes and socks it’s sometimes a good idea to take it a little further by going for a pair of patterned or bright colored socks, you might be surprised at how good it actually looks.

Taylor Swift—what’s not to love? One thing for sure: celebrity women are famous for wearing super-high heels, stilettos, and some pretty crazy footwear. Recently spotted at the Met Gala, Taylor Swift donned a pair of “feline flats.” They are exactly what they sound like—flat, non-heeled shoes with adorable little kitty embellishments as a sort of “tongue” of the shoes. As sweet and adorable as they are, is this a look we could pull of at the office? Is it too early to tell if investing in these cute flats is a fashion faux pas because the trend will die before the season ends?

Creating your own unique style can be one of the best ways to liven up your office life. Whether its donning some bold socks, or a skirt in a vintage print, keeping a piece of yourself intact in the office setting is important—it sets you apart from others, shows the higher-ups you have a sense of creativity, and that you’re not interested in being part of the herd.

So when it comes to adorable flats like Taylor Swift’s kitty kicks, should they be worked into the work wardrobe? It depends. If you work at a laid back office, clothing boutique, or a progressive, forward thinking firm, the cats can come out of the bag. Likely, however, if you work at a law firm, as an executive assistant, or you’re presenting your first paper at the podium about how stem cells can save the next generation from kidney cancer, the best bet is probably some simple, old-fashioned flats or pumps.

Sometimes, creating your own boundaries is important too. For example, why not slip into cool kitty flats if you’re a teacher or a veterinarian? The choice is yours, and if that’s how you want to kick it, you should. And further, if you’re looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone in terms of wardrobe, shoes are a great place to start—they are a great way to play it safe in most cases because you’re not making radical fashion or makeup changes. The things that take coworkers, bosses, and clients aback are much more “in your face”—giant bamboo earrings, fluorescent pink slouchy mohair turtlenecks, and suddenly wearing a beret to work are possible signs of a midlife crisis, whereas a pair of shoes slightly off the beaten path are more a sign of a fun out-of-the-box weekend shopping trip.

Make no mistake about it—playing with fashion when the office is involved can be like playing with fire, and that’s where your common sense will have to kick in. For example, if you have worked at your job for two weeks, the first day of week three is probably not the best time to stroll in on your kitty cat kicks. However, once you’ve been around long enough to see what other coworkers are pulling off and/or how far out of the mainstream comfort zone they are dressing or accessorizing, you will have a much better idea of what’s suitable, what’s too far, and if you want to push the envelope, how far you can push it without pushing your career off a cliff.

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