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Six Hairstyles to Suit Any Mood


Your hair is one of your greatest accessories, and changing its style is a fantastic way to give yourself a fun, feel-good boost. You can choose to try something simple for an instant new-you look, or go for a more extreme transformation if you’re really itching to mix things up. Also, don’t underestimate the fun and effectiveness of clip-in extensions. They add length volume, length, and allow you to experiment with styles that are hard to achieve with naturally thin hair.

Here, we give six style suggestions, along with some tips on how to create them. Which one suits your mood?


Summer Fun: Sexy, Tousled Tresses

Looking to add some laid-back edge to your summer look? Try creating easy-to-achieve beachy waves. For most hair types (and colors—this look works for any shade, it’s definitely not just for blondes), it’s as easy as winding damp, clean hair into a bun or two long twisted rows and securing with a hair tie. If you have time, let your hair air dry, otherwise blow dry with a diffuser. Once dry, unwind, shake out, and spritz your loose curls with a texturizing beach wave spray. Scrunch with your hands or run your fingers through your hair (use some de-frizzing drops if needed) until you get your desired, tousled look.


Refined Chic: Straight and Sleek

Seeking some instant sophistication? A pin-straight hairstyle can make any look (even jeans and a white tee) appear pretty and polished. Make sure you use a heat-activated blowout cream, and always have de-frizzing drops on hand. A flat iron is also a must for stick-straight styles, however these are probably the most damaging heat tools for your hair. So make sure to first spritz your strands with a heat protectant spray, and use your iron as sparingly as possible and try to keep it on the lowest setting.


Make a Statement: Edgy Ombré

Couture-punk ruled at this year’s Met Gala, and if you’re looking for a serious hair shake-up, an edgy, ombré style might be the way to go. You probably want to go to a professional to for this one—it’s not an easy style to achieve on your own, especially on your first try. But be prepared to tell your stylist exactly what you want. Are you thinking bright and bold at the bottom? Do you want a shock of color up top? Or maybe you’re imagining a serious rainbow of shades? Bring pictures from magazines, PInterest, etc. so you’ll get the exact edgy look that you like.


Sophisticated-Chic: Ballerina Bun

Another way to add instant sophistication to your look (perfect for job interviews or black tie events) is to don a polished ballerina bun. Despite it’s every-hair-in-perfect-place appearance, it’s a fairly easy hairstyle to achieve. Really all it takes, after blowing your hair out straight with a diffuser nozzle, is a ton of product, including a maximum hold hairspray, heavy-duty de-frizzing cream, hair ties, and bobby pins. If you have thin hair, consider clipping in some extensions and also making use of the sock bun technique, which is detailed in this video clip.


Power Play: Bold, Piecey Bob

This is another style that definitely requires the consult of a professional. But again, think first about the kind of cut that you envision for yourself. Are you thinking of an Aniston-esque angled bob? Or a more piecey, sectioned style, like the one January Jones rocked a couple of years back? Bring examples and know what you want when you get to the salon to ensure you leave with a look that makes you feel fabulous.


Laid-Back Beauty: Chunky Ponytail

Probably the easiest of all these hairstyles to create, a chunky ponytail is a great way to give your look a touch of stylish grit. The key is the holder—you’ll want to use a thick cuff (we love silver), which will easily gather and hold heavily textured, messy hair. This is another style that works great with extensions if you need the extra length. Just make sure you’re using either human hairpieces or synthetic ones that can be styled—you want to make sure that they’ll look just like your real hair. Prep with a texturizing paste and pull into your ponytail holder. You can either create a small, messy part at the top of your head, or forgo one altogether. Spray, spray, spray, and you’re good to go.

by Susan Linney


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