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Shades For Days + A Good Cause

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We love the story behind Westward // Leaning sunglasses. For every pair sold, $10 is donated to a charity related to the specifc style purchased. Jenna Dewan- Tatum was recently spotted arriving at Vancouver International Airport wearing the brands’ “Color Revolution” sunglasses in white frames with neon pink lenses. The proceeds for the “Color Revolution” style go to Reporters Without Borders, which works to protect and defend the journalists who report on the front lines of social change. Natalie Portman is also a fan. She was seen going to the park with her family while wearing “Wintermute” shades with subtly mirrored gold lenses. This style helps to support youth literacy and writing programs, since this model/actress’s name and design were inspired by science fiction literature. Shop these styles and more at Westward // Leaning

Looking for more ways to give back? Target X Feed USA

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