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Comfortable Heels, Say What?

comfortable heels

I refuse to go home early anymore because I can’t walk in my heels! Comfort can be cute- and we’ve found it. We scoured for fresh new styles that pack in that extra bit of comfort to carry us another mile. Wedges, chunky heels, and platforms will save you. With extra padding, leather upper and an extra bit of stretch built in, here’s our list for Spring:

{1. Cole Haan Nassau Wedge, 2. Cocco by Chie Mihara, 3.Cosset Wedges by Jessica Simpson, 4. Pink Floral Heels, 5. Flatstack Platforms by Madewell, 6. Black Wedge by Dolce Vita, 7.D Liz by GEOX, 8. Minetta Sandal by Cole Haan}

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