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Swarovski Fine Jewelry SS14 Collection – Sea of Flowers

Swarovski launches it’s spring summer 2014 Fine Jewelry collection – Sea of Flowers. Being the respective symbols of revitalization and vigor, spring summer are the period when garden flourishes. The season’s blessings have arrived, making flowers grow from buds to blossom that attracts butterflies to return and play with their charming fragrances. Swarovski Fine Jewelry is deeply inspired by such lovely scenes.

Thanks to it’s over a century heritage of precise gemstone cutting technologies and craftsmanship, ceaseless innovation and dedication to excellence and perfection, the brand is able to delicately depict the beautiful spring and summer garden with fancy poetic fine jewelry designs. This season, Swarovski Fine Jewelry proudly presents a new collection – Sea of Flowers to celebrate the enjoyable view.



Rejoice Pendant in 18K White Gold with Ice Blue Topaz, Blue Sapphire, Tsavorite and Mother of Pearl Setting

This vivid scene is exquisitely minified into the 18K White Gold Rejoice Pendant. Prominent is an over 5ct oval ice blue topaz as the centre stone, it’s brilliantly clear tone suggests a bright and cheerful breezing day in the summer. Embellished with blue sapphires, the ring is designed with a diamond-set butterfly gently resting on the topaz. It’s intense green color comes from the glittering tsavorite that makes the piece more precious as the gem is one of the most-sought after and expansive garnets. The beauty is completed with a little white flower, made of mother of pearl, a refined imitation of the flower forget-me-not giving a graceful touch to the jewelry.


Serenity Earrings in 18K White Gold with Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Topaz Setting

Serenity earrings symbolizes freshness of morning dew. The water-drop shaped design cannotes multiple droplets lying on a green leaf, making a spectrum of colors by the refraction of the sunlight. These 18K White Gold Earrings are made with rich violet tone amethysts as the centre stone, surrounded by other sparkling gemstones (amethyst, blue sapphire, chrome diopside, topaz and diamond) in harmonious color tones, giving the design a sense of tranquility. It’s detachable design gives versatility to the style.


Vitality Pendant in 18K White Gold with Chrome Diopside, Blue Sapphire, Tsavorite, White Topaz and Diamond Setting

This stunning 18K White Gold Vitality Pendant gives a lively impression of a dripping dew. Visually, the pear-shaped chrome diopside centre stone is naturally similar to the shape of the drop. The blue sapphire, tsavorite, white topaz and diamonds are exquisitely paved around the centre stone, creating color gradations in which prominent bluish and greenish tone skillfully symbolizes the freshness of the dew.

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