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Swarovski Tribal Glam Trend SS14



Airy Necklace




Airy Earrings 




Ariane Necklace




Arty Bracelet




Arty Pendant




Award Necklace 




Chic Zebra Ring



Slake Bracelet

Images Courtesy of Swarovski

This season, Swarovski imagines a meeting between raw and sophisticated materials, primitive art, tribal craftwork and fashion. A creative clash of many unique and contrasting styles.

Feline, wildly chic and exquisite, this season’s silhouette draws it’s allure from melting pot of ethnic cultures and traditional techniques. A collection that blends these elements with modernity and femininity to create it’s very own style; elegant and sharp: a Tribal Glam aesthetic.

Somewhere between art and fashion lies Tribal Glam, a trend that traces the contours of a line with nonchalant finesse. Eclectic materials meet Swarovski-renowned techniques for a fusion of metals, combined with crystals in pave settings or applied using Pointiage, and then enhanced with large crystal stones such as the ‘Arty’ pendant which could be worn during the day and night. The ‘Ariane’ necklace blends gold and silver metal featuring a cutout design. The ‘Airy’ earrings complete the Tribal Glam look, fringed in a two-tone metal, they exquisitely highlight the delicate neck of a Tribal Glam Queen.

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