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  • Seal Your Love With The Perfect Wedding Band

                    Congratulations you’re getting married soon, but wait, you still haven’t found the perfect...

    SHOPPINGMeekayMay 30, 2014
  • Vintage Wedding Dresses

    More and more brides are opting for vintage wedding dresses nowadays, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as each style is timeless,...

    SHOPPINGMeekayMarch 9, 2014
  • Best Wedding Gift Ideas: Be The Most Memorable Guest

    So you’ve been invited to a wedding and as a wedding guest, apart from picking out the right outfit and the...

    Gift GuideMeekayMarch 5, 2014
  • Unique Engagement Rings

    Lots of people like to go on about what their dream engagement ring would be like, cushion cut, heart shaped, vintage...

    SHOPPINGMeekayFebruary 15, 2014