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The Hermès Coloring Book

Hermès has unveiled its brand new Hermès Les 4 Mondes Coloring Book, a kid-size coloring book packed with twelve pages and 24 colorable designs.

The Hermès Coloring BookIf you want your children (or future children) to follow in your fashion-loving footsteps, the trick is to start them young. Thankfully, Hermès is ready and willing to educate with its brand new Hermès Les 4 Mondes Coloring Book. Packed with twelve pages and 24 colorable designs, your child/budding designer is sure to be the chicest, albeit most spoilt, kid in the schoolyard.

Of course, Daily Front Row has a better idea for the childless: Tear out the pages, put together your own colorful interpretation and frame your creation.  It is a stylish decorating idea and, for some of us, it might be the closest to Hermès we’ll ever get.

The Hermès Les 4 Monde Coloring Book is available now from for $130 (markers/crayons sold separately.) If the coloring book doesn’t strike your fancy, there are still options; maybe you’d prefer a plush Hermès  horse or Hermès music box instead?

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