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fab store

Exciting news for all your Fab lovers out there. What started out as a successful flash site, offering unique home furnishings and decor for a limited time only, has now evolved into a catalogue of regularly stocked items available in it’s newly redesigned online store. Popular additions also includes mens and womens fashion and jewelry. Why the success of this e-tailer? Goods are quirky, fun, and intended to surprise and delight the online customer. The web experience is user friendly, clean and fun to shop.

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In offline news, brick and mortar stores have opened up in Hamburg, Germany where people are able to design their own furniture. “Shoppers will be able to shop from a range of different models, customizing colors and materials, among other features. The startup also announced its plans to offer more private label merchandise, as well as goods created in collaboration with name designers, following in the footsteps of Target and H&M, among others.”

Here’s to hoping a retail location pops up in a city near us!

Source: mashable

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