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When creating Alien, Thierry Mugler dreamed of fragrance that would reveal the radiance and splendor of every women. He gave it a mysterious name, evoking a women of a different kind, an expressive name in resonance with the name of Angel, his first fragrance: the same starting sound with five letters. Strong and striking, it invites women to live new experiences and discover new sensations.

To incarnate this fragrance and it’s light-filled world, Thierry Mugler has imagined his solar goddess, a women with a singular, mysterious appearance. Rather than a fragrance of seduction, Alien is designed as a sacred talisman charged with positive energy. Preserved in an amethyst bottle, this unique perfume creates a true addiction, stirring strong emotions and revealing brilliance of every women.

ALIEN-EAU-EXTRAORDINAIRE .pngImages Courtesy of Thierry Mugler

Alien Eau Extraordinaire has been designed as a luminous, resolutely positive eau de toilette, composed in a radiant and optimistic olfactory language.

Eau Extraordinaire combines materials for their energizing power on the senses. In keeping with the Alien signature (white amber and cashmeran wool), there is a solar bouquet of citrus and flowers. The precious new flask reveals the golden champagne sparkle of eau extraordinaire. Like the other bottles, it was inspired by gemstones and precious crystals, intense sources of energy and light with mystical powers.

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