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Topshop Introduces Topshop Emerge

Topshop is introducing a new collection, called Topshop Emerge, that is a platform for young, progressive, up-and-coming labels.

Topshop Introduces Topshop Emerge

British retailer Topshop is almost as well known for its championing of emerging designers as it is for its fast fashion and on-trend creations, so it is hardly a surprise to hear that its newest collection, called Topshop Emerge, is a platform for young, progressive, up-and-coming labels. The premise? Topshop Emerge is housed under the retailer’s Boutique line and will consist of two designers at a time, each one for a month only. Unlike Topshop’s previous platforms, however, Emerge is open to international brands that are looking for further exposure. Up first: KTZ, Marios, and Starstyling all launch on September 9. In coming months, fans should look for ranges from TV, Sister, and Slow & Steady Wins The Race.

Topshop Emerge is available in Topshop stores (excluding New York) and online at

Images: Xavier Brisoux for Topshop

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