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Trend Alert: More Guys Getting Manicures

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Well, this piece of news certainly puts the “man” in manicures. According to a recent article in the New York Times, the latest trend for dudes is none other than the “manly manicure.” As it turns out, many men are happily embracing their metrosexual sides, from government budget analysts to established restaurant owners, and opting to pamper themselves at their favorite salons.

Surely this is great news for ladies who are looking to find a new way to bond with their beaus. And even though this trend certainly isn’t for every guy in your life, suggesting a nice afternoon of manis and self-indulgence to your dude might actually pique his interest. If it does, here’s a list of some more man-friendly nail polish lines for him to check out.

Evolution Man / Orly Beauty Nails for Males / Alpha Nail / Essie Man-E-Cure

by Nikki Hess

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