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Diamond Cupcake Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver with 14K Rose Pink Gold Plating & Chain $99

Anchor Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold with Chain – My Jewelry Box $199

Pandora Stella Ring $220

Michael Kors Chain-Link Bracelet $195

Chic Purple Blue Ring – Swarovski $270

Slake Purple Bracelet – Swarovski $70 

Jewelry are one of the most important accessories, it could transform a boring outfit to something interesting.  Some people like to go big on jewelry whilst some like to keep it simple like an everyday wear.  For a cute look cupcakes, anchors and heart pendants are a great choice, all 3 styles has always been very popular amongst the ladies and it’s always lovely to wear something girly for a change.  The classic heart necklaces is the perfect gift for the girlfriend or a female family member, My Jewelry Box offers you many heart necklace & pendant choices like a ruby devil heart, triple interlocking hearts as well as the trendy anchors and cupcakes.

Statement jewelry has got to be worn correctly or it could ruin the outfit.  The Michael Kors chain-link bracelet gives an edgy look, the slake bracelet is fun and colorful and Swarovski crystal ring adds a touch of elegance.  The choice of jewelry depends on what look you’re pulling-off that day, so choose wisely.

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