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What’s in Her (Winter) Beauty Bag?

The contents of my makeup bag vary greatly from winter to summer. With the exception of perhaps one or two mainstay makeup staples, winter requires a whole new set of beauty stuffs for me to tote, mostly due to hydration needs. So, until the snowy, dry and moisture-zapping months of 2014 have passed, this is what you’ll find in my makeup bag.

1. Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick in Rose, $22
We love all things Lipstick Queen and Poppy King, and the Saint Collection of shades is especially great because they are light and subtle (yet buildable if you do want to increase your color). They are also highly moisturizing, so whenever I smooth on some of this “Rose” stick, my lips are left with a natural, hydrated hue.

2. Jane Iredale Lid Primer in Canvas, $19
I don’t actually use this as a lid primer, per se. Instead, I lightly dot the inner corners of my eyes with this creamy primer, and my face is blessed with that youthful, “I’m awake!” look. So whenever I feel that 3pm fatigue coming on, I just use a cotton swab to touch up the corners of my peepers and instantly I’m back to looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

3. Carmex, $2
I know some people say they become addicted to this old-school lip soother and find that nothing else works when they stop using it. I don’t find this to be true, but perhaps that’s because I use it sparingly. It’s quite potent, but perfect for severely chapped and cracked winter lips. I smear it on before braving those really harsh, windy days, and often use it at night before bed to give my poor lips some overnight healing power.

4. Grabber Mini Pocket Hand Warmers, $3 for 3-pack
My husband found these things and they are fantastic! Sometimes even the warmest of gloves don’t cut it in this cold, so just grab one of these 7-hour warming packets and you’re good to go!

5. NARS The Multiple in Orgasm, $39
NARS’ Orgasm shade is a beloved cult classic, and it works wonderfully any time of year. I love having The Multiple in my bag during all times, so I know I can touch up my cheeks, lids, and even lips any time I need.

6. Aureic Blends Perfume Oil in Love, $8
Love is my go-to winter scent: it’s warm, woody, sexy and slightly spicy. Plus, the roll-on bottle is perfect for packing in your makeup case.

7. L’Occitane Hand Cream in Lavender, $12
Hand cream is key in this weather and everyone should have a tube on hand. I love L’Occitane’s mini Lavender cream because it moisturizes on the spot, but is not greasy at all. It really seeps into the skin quickly, leaving only soft hands and a heavenly scent behind.

BAG: Kate Spade New York “Cobblestone Park Little Shiloh” Cosmetics Case, $58

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