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What’s Your Damage? Late-Summer Hair Repair

Now that it’s August, our hair has had two months of steady exposure to sun, salt water, chlorine and a host of other summertime elements. You can start the process of hair repair right now, while still being mindful of prevention, of course (which is truly your best weapon for maintaining soft, silky stands). So what’s your damage? Here are four products to help get your tresses back on track.

1. Lackluster Locks

Moroccanoil Treatment, $43

Lost your shine? Get it back this incredibly popular treatment oil/serum. It’s become a widespread fave for a reason—its restorative properties, which include shine-boosting vitamins—are incredible, and it truly brings dull hair back to life. Plus the smell—pure heaven!

2. Dry as a Bone

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment, $20

This balm is serious stuff. It repairs damage after one application, but use it regularly and you’ll really notice a difference—dry, brittle hair becomes soft, luscious and strong. It’s perfect for those who regularly use heat tools. Plus, it’s scented with Tonka bean and vetiver, leaving your hair with an amazing—but subtle—scent.

3. Brassy Tones

Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss in Ultimate Shine, $26

Summer is the meanest season for color-treated hair. Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Foaming Gloss, which works on all shades, helps keep brassiness at bay while boosting the hair’s true tone. Since it’s a foam that you use while you’re still in the shower, it’s so easy to apply—and practically foolproof!

4. Split Ends

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Split Ends Mender, $8

Technically, you can’t “mend” a split end. Once they’re split they’re split, and only a trim can truly get rid of them. However, you can use products like this one, which disguise those shaggy suckers by moisturizing and sealing the cuticle, so your strands appear smooth, soft, and intact.

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