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Best Dressed Red Carpet: Yearnin’ For Yellow

yellow on the red carpet

As the sun continues to shine (well, at least in fair New York City), many women are stepping out in various shades of yellow. And for good reason: it’s unabashedly bright and cheerful, sending a dose of spring happiness to even the darkest of cubicles. You say you can’t wear yellow? Well skeptical soul, take a tip or two from stylish celebs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chelsea Kane, and Olivia Munn, all who’ve been recently spotted rocking the hue. All three celebs opt for golden tones that work with, not against, their skin tone and keep accessories to a minimum so that all eyes are on their frocks. Try on various shades (daffodil, goldenrod, citrus, mustard—you get the picture) and see what works for you; we guarantee you’ll warm up to it!

by Olivia Cho

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