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50 Super Cute Short Hairstyles for Women

Do you think you’re brave enough to go for the chop? We have to admit that it does take a lot of courage for a women to have all her hair cut off, but if you’re considering on going for a different look then you could always start off with the super short bob and just work your way up when you feel comfortable.

Check out the A-list celebrities who are rocking the short length, from the bob, pixie cut to the super-short crop. Below, we’ve picked out 50 of our favorite short hairstyles to get you ready for your big change, pick one, print it off and show your hairdresser.

Wavy Pixie Cut

Elsa-Pataky-Short-Hairstyles-Pixie-CutImage via.

Sweep the hair from one side at the back of the head and tease it round the front as a fringe, using any natural curl as a feature to achieve Elsa Pataky’s cute pixie crop.

Low Maintenance Pixie Crop

lena-dunham-short-pixie-hair Image via.

For an ultimate low maintenance short hairstyle, look to Lena Dunham. This roughly chopped pixie crop is just simply, wash, dry, and go.

Short Crop Up-Do

Anne-Hathaway-Short-CropImage via.

In love with Anne Hathaway’s short blonde up-do? Re-create it by adding some volume to your short hairstyle by sweeping the hair to one side and gel the sides back.

Short Bob

Lily-Collins-Short-BobImage via.

Keep your short locks messy and tousled like Lily Collins for a cool and edgy look. Add a cute finish to the look with an off-the-moment side parting.

Curly Short Pixie

Audrey-Tautou-Short-Hairstyles-Messy-CutImage via.

Pull off a curly pixie short hairstyle easily like Audrey Tatou, go for a super short fringe to open up the face while giving the cut a chic edge.

Rock The Quiff

Evan-Rachel-Wood-Short-HairstyleImage via.

Go for a different look when styling your short haircut, opt for a super cool quiff for a edgy yet feminine look.

Gentle A-Line

Emma-Roberts-Bob-Short-HaircutImage via.

To rock Emma Robert’s A-line bob, the back of the hair should be shorter by just a bit with a longer front with rounded edges.

Pixie Cut With Deep Side Parting

Miley-Cyrus-Short-HaircutImage via. 

This versatile pixie cut with an edgy undercut can be styled in so many ways. To rock this look from the deep-side parting, Miley’s hair has been brushed over the top to create a touch of height on the top.

Classic Angled Bob

Short-Angled-Bob-HairstyleImage via.

The bob has been given a slight geometric look but softened by the wedged layers at the sides with a curving-in shape about an inch from the ends to flatter the lips and chin.

Curly Bob

CIara-Short-HaircutImage via.

Ciara’s bob has long layers at the front and sides that gradually move shorter to be shaped into the nape of the neck. Sport this hairstyle by creating an asymmetric side parting and long fringe waves.

Chic Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

Sam-Gayle-Short-HairstyleImage via.

The side parting and short layers create more volume around the top of the head, while the side-swept fringe is broken to soften the line and to flatter the face.

Pixie Crop With Long Fringe

Michelle-Williams-Pixie-Cut-With-long-length-fringeImage via.

Growing out her blonde pixie crop, Michelle Williams had embraced her length with longer, sideswept layers on one side and short hair underneath.

Sleek, Groomed Do

Charlize-Theron-Short-HairstyleImage via.

Charlize Theron opted for a sleek, groomed style as she grew out her edgy peroxide crop. To re-create Charlize’s hairstyle, simply sweep the hair to the side and smooth flyaway ends with serum.

Short Pixie

Carey-Mulligan-Pixie-CropImage via.

This pixie crop is cut in graduated layers radiating from the crown and has an asymmetric side-parting. To re-create this hairstyle, Carey’s hair is styled forwards from the crown and combed in a curved fringe with a sleek line across the forehead and around to one ear.

Messy Chin-Length Bob

Dianna-agron-Short-HairstyleImage via.

The hair is razor cut into layers which begin at eye-level. The ends are textured into giving a slightly ragged, edgy finish. This cut is great for getting extra volume and style into fine hair.

Textured Short Hair

Jenna-Elfman-Short-HaircutImage via.

Given texture, movement and dimension, the layers are long reaching down to the ears where they are graduated to create a softer line. The smoothness of the top contrasts with the edgy, textured tips.

Short, Straight Casual Bob

Ashlee-Simpson-Short-HaircutImage via.

Ashlee Simpson’s hairdo is tapered into the back of the head for shape, along with length and layers cut around the sides to sit around jaw-length. This haircut is easy to style with a little product and just needs a little trim every 4-6 weeks to maintain it’s style.

Razor Layers

Rita-Ora-Razor-Short-HairstyleImage via.

The back of the hair is tapered into the nape while the sides and top layers are razor or jagged cut to create wispy ends for a feathered finish. Perfect for those with naturally straight hair.

Layered Pixie Crop

Maggie-Gyllenhaal-Pixie-CropImage via.

Rock Maggie Gyllenhaal’s pixie crop now, the hairdo is layered all over and smoothed down on the sides and to style simply pinch the top with some styling products for a textured look and feel.

Formal Short Do

Kaley-Cuoco-Short-HaircutImage via.

Tapered into the back of the head with the sides long enough to tuck behind the ears, the length through to the top of Kaley Cuoco’s short haircut is jagged cut and smoothed over to one side for a smooth finish. This cut is super versatile enough to style in many different ways and perfect for ladies with medium to fine hair.

Clipper Short Cut

Kelly-Osbourne-Short-HaircutImage via.

The sides of Kelly Osbourne’s bold haircut is clipper cut short that is super close to the head, with a top that is left long enough to style up high for maximum height and lift.

Glossy, Short

Kris-Jenner-Short-HairstyleImage via.

The top length of Kris Jenner’s hair is long enough to give the all-over look, with the back of the hair tapered into nape.

Short & Simple

Kristen-Stewart-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back and the sides of Kristen Stewart’s short haircut are cropped short and smoothed down with the top long enough to style up.

Short Fancy Do

Karine-Vanasse-Short-UpdoImage via.

The top is teased at the roots for lift, while the back and the sides are smoothed down. Hold the hairstyle in place with strong hold products, and regular trims are needed to maintain the style.

Textured Short

Miley-Cyrus-Short-HaircutImage via.

Miley’s hair is tapered into the head at the back and the sides with a longer top, and worn forward as layered bangs. It’s fuss-free and easy to style.

Layered Razor Cut with Bangs

Jennifer-Hudson-Short-Haircut-Layered-RazorImage via.

Tapered through the sides and back, the top layers of Jennifer Hudson’s short haircut are jagged cut and smoothed down for a glossy look and feel. The bangs are styled to the side to complete the hairstyle, and also to compliment the face shape.

Short Bob With Bangs

Short-Bob-With-BangsImage via.

To get Coco Rocha’s short bob, the hair is blunt cut all through the back and sides for a solid finish framing the cheekbones perfectly. Finished with blunt bangs, regular trims are needed regularly to maintain it’s shape.

Textured & Edgy

Ali-Fedotowsky-Short-HaircutImage via.

To achieve Ali Fedotowsky’s gorgeous short haircut, jagged layers are cut all through the back and sides to give it plenty of texture and edge. This low-maintanence hairstyle is fuss-free and perfect for those with fine to medium hair.

Full Bodied Angled Bob

Nicky-Whelan-Short-Angled-BobImage via.

A full bodied haircut that is tapered at the back and sides and angled down. Blow-wave the hair and tease it at the roots to create the hairstyle.

Short Wavy

Peta-Murgatroyd-Wavy-Short-HairstyleImage via.

To re-create this glamorous hairstyle with your short haircut, the hair is smoothed down through the top while the mid-lengths to the ends are styled with waves giving the overall look texture and movement. It’s the perfect style to frame a long face shape.

Textured Razor Cut

Textured-Razor-Cut-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back and sides are cut close to the head for shape while blending into the top layers that are jagged or razor cut for a textured finish. Style with a little product. This hairstyle best suits ladies with a round face shape and needs a regular trim every 4-6 weeks.

Short Crop With Flat Long Bangs

Short-Haircut-With-Flat-BangsImage via.

The back and sides are cut close to the head blending into the top length that’s left long enough to style flat. To soften the look, the bangs are styled across the face.

Short Crop With Smooth Finish

Rihanna-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back and sides of the hair are cropped short close to the head for a neat and tidy finish, as well as blending into the top length that has been left long enough to be worn flat for a smooth and sexy look.

Blunt Bob

Cameron-Diaz-Blunt-Short-Bob-HaircutImage via.

This blunt cut hits right at the jaw-line with a jagged layers cut throughout the sides and back to enhance the shape. It’s easy to style and needs regular trims to maintain the shape.

Short, Simple & Formal

carey-mulligan-short-formal-hairstyleImage via.

The back and sides tapered to the head, this haircut is all about being short and simple. The back and sides blend into the top layers of the hair that are left long enough to be swept back.

Contoured Short Crop

Zelda-Williams-Short-HairstyleImage via.

The top is jagged cut to contour the head while it blends into the back and sides of the hair.

Uniform Layers

Valorie-Curry-Short-HaircutImage via.

For a well balanced look, uniform layers are cut throughout which is also great for those with long face shapes. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and style.

Short Angled

Cate-Blanchett-Short-HaircutImage via.

Cate Blanchett’s short haircut is graduated up the back allowing the sides and top to fall over the ears.

Short Hair Layers

Katherine-McPhee-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back of the hair is tapered into the neck along with a combination of short to medium layers to add body to the cut.

Short Textured Look

Agyness-Deyn-Short-HaircutImage via.

To get this short textured look, the sides and back are clipper cut short into the head and blends into the top layers which are jagged cut for a choppy, edgy finish.

Seductive Bangs

Elisha-Cuthbert-Short-HaircutImage via.

With soft edges created right around the hair, the sides and back are cut close to the head while the top layers are sliced down to blend in with the sexy bangs.

Wavy Layers

Jenna-Elfman-Short-Wavy-HaircutImage via.

This layered short hairstyle is styled with loose waves and swept across the top for a cool, feminine finish. The ends are pinched with some hair styling products for definition and hairspray to keep the hair in place.

Anne-Hathaway-Short-HaircutImage via.

The ends of the hair are jagged cut for a textured feel to the edges while the top is parted on the side, and smoothed down to soften the face for a feminine look. This haircut is easy to manage and needs regular trims every 4-6 weeks.

Clipper Cut Short

Rose-McGowan-Short-HaircutImage via.

The sides and back of this super cool hairstyle are clipper cut short close to the head, while it blends into the top length that is jagged cut. To style the top is pinched with some styling products for height and texture.

Sliced Layers

Jazmyn-Simon-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back and sides are tapered into the head while the top layers has sliced layers and worn flat to contour the face.

Styled With Height

Betty-Who-Short-HaircutImage via.

For a neat finish, the sides and back are clipper cut short close to the head with the top jagged cut and left slightly longer for shape and texture.

Concave Bob

Brittany-Snow-Short-HaircutImage via.

To achieve this hairstyle, the concave bob is blow-waved beautifully and finished with a side parting to compliment the face.

Easy Short Crop

Charlize-Theron-Short-HaircutImage via.

This casual and easy hairstyle are cropped short to the head at the back and sides, and blends into the top length that is jagged cut but is also left long enough to style.

Short Jagged Cut Bob

Michelle-Dockery-Short-HairstyleImage via.

To lighten the length of this hairstyle, jagged layers are cut through the back and side while also adding texture to the look.

Funky Short Crop

Halle-Berry-Short-HaircutImage via.

The back and sides are cropped short with a jagged cut top layer for height and texture.

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