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Fashion Inspiration, December 2008

My fashion inspiration at the moment is overwhelming – I am inspired by a lot of things but there is not much time to do anything about it. Apart from Christmas, I am moving to America in six weeks so I have a lot to do.

I took a quick break today to rummage around various websites and put together this quick collage of pictures; things that are inspiring me at the moment. Plus, I am a sucker for distraction.

Fashion Inspiration, December 2008

1. I am a big fan of the grunge revival that is taking place right now and Elenita has got it down. Plaid shirts, heavy boots. This is going to be my mid-March inspiration, once I’ve been back in America for a little while and I’m able to venture out into the cold without almost dying.

2. I’ve got two weeks to put something like this together before New Years Eve. I can probably track down the shorts; I’ve just got to find the perfect studded vest and a variation on the corset/chain that Erin is wearing.

3. Probably my look for April-going-on-May – once it is warm enough to wear floppy tanks again, but it’s still not too hot to don a gorgeous pair of moccasins and traipse the New York streets.

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