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Fashion Magazines: January 2011

Here’s the scoop on the cover girls, the inside stories, and what you can expect from seven major fashion magazines in January 2011.

Fashion Magazines: January 2011

Now that holiday season is here, you hopefully have some time to relax. Whether you’re heading out of town on an exotic mid-winter break, or you’ve managed to score some vacation time from your boss, one thing is certain: you’ll need some reading material. Happily, the January issues have landed and they’re overflowing with fashion inspiration. To be specific, you’ll find reports on fashion’s new stars, style do’s and don’ts, makeover tips, runway reports, and more. As for the covers, it’s all about Hollywood this month—actresses such as Natalie Portman Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Reese Witherspoon have all scored covers. On that note, here’s the scoop on the cover girls, the inside stories, and what you can expect from seven major fashion magazines in January.

Black Swan actress Natalie Portman looks typically gorgeous on the cover of Vogue’s January 2011 issue. Inside, she talks about her ballet training for Black Swan: “The dance training for Black Swan started a year before the film, with two hours a day. Six months later we ramped it up to five hours a day, and the last two months it was eight hours a day, because we added choreography and cross training, so I was also swimming a mile a day. The discipline was good for the part—it hurt a lot; your body is in constant pain.”

Sex & The City actress Sarah Jessica Parker looks gorgeous in a green Halston Heritage dress on the cover of Elle’s January 2011 issue. Inside, she talks about her role at Halston: “I said, ‘Please know this now: I will never do this for a title. I will never dip in and out of this. I’ll do it like everything else I’ve ever done. I’ll be involved down to the splitting of the atom.'”

Harper’s Bazaar
The Good Wife actress Julianna Marguiles keeps it simple in a white dress on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s January 2011 issue. Inside, she talks about her role as Alicia on The Good Wife: “It’s a challenge because she’s so far from who I am. I’m not saying I’m a crazy sexual person, but she’s such a repressed Wasp. I think the beautiful part of this journey she is on as a woman is that now she’s finding out who she is through her work and also discovering what sexy is to her.”

Marie Claire
The Fighter actress Amy Adams shows off her post-baby body on the cover of Marie Claire’s January 2011 issue. Inside, she talks about choosing roles: “I’ve never really been too concerned with how I’ve looked on-screen. And I’ve never really played a stylish, modern, glamorous girl. But with these last two movies [The Fighter and On the Road] I’ve done, I was raw. I hope that’s the journey I’m on. It just feels more honest.”

Country Strong actress Gwyneth Paltrow is pretty in pink on the cover of InStyle’s January 2011 issue, which also happens to be the magazine’s 200th issue ever. Inside, she talks about pushing herself as an actress: I love to push myself — singing was exhilarating. It’s always good to scare and surprise yourself.” To celebrate the issue, InStyle put together a video montage of its entire 16-year cover archive. Watch it here.

Actress Emma Stone is gorgeous in Gucci on one cover of W’s January 2011 issue, while actor Garrett Hedlun appears on a separate cover. Inside, Stone talks about acting out sex scenes: “Simulation of sex is a real workout. We must have done a hundred takes. There was an oxygen tank at one point.”

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon wears a gorgeous Burberry Prorsum dress on the cover of Glamour’s January 2011 issue. Inside, she reveals how getting older makes her feel sexier: “I think as a woman, you get older, you feel more confident in your sexuality. You’re not as intimidated by it, not as embarrassed by it. Sexuality and femininity is an accumulation of age and wisdom and comfort in your own skin. I feel better – so much better now than I ever did in my twenties. I am calmer; I know who I am. And as a result, I feel much sexier.”

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