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Fashion Quotes

Model Kristen McMenamy (pictured) on her decision six years ago to stop dying her hair: “You’ve got to keep moving forward. You can get older and still be rock ‘n’ roll. I thought all that grey hair would make a beautiful picture.” [Vogue]

British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman on women & bikinis: “I defy anyone claiming there should be an age limit on bikini wearing. Certainly with the loss of muscle tone and wear and tear that women’s bodies suffer as time passes, the bikini becomes an increasingly difficult option the older we become. But as in so many things, the divide between one-piece and bikini wearers is less to do with age than attitude.” [The Daily Mail]

Designer Calvin Klein on last weekend’s 17th Annual Watermill Summer Benefit in the Hamptons: “I mean, there was a time when people really dressed up for this event. Now, maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the humidity, but it’s much more casual. You would never have seen men walking around in shorts here. I think it’s inappropriate, actually. We’re all sweating. That’s what happens; you have to sweat sometimes.” []

Proenza Schouler designer Lazaro Hernandez on money: “Sometimes I think the people who buy our clothes live in a parallel universe. Hell, we can’t even afford our clothes.” [Grazia]

Images: Vogue

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