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Fashion Quotes

Our latest edition of Fashion Quotes has notable quotes from Madonna, Cathy Horyn, Kanye West, and Whitney Thompson.

Fashion QuotesMadonna, in a letter written to famed photographer Steven Meisel in 1991: “For some reason I thought you were angry with me – because I finked out as a judge at the “Love Ball”? Because I’m still nice to Herb Ritts?? Because my hair is the wrong color? I hope you will forgive me for all of the above. Because I cannot suffer any more than I have in the past month learning how to play baseball with a bunch of girls (yuk) in Chicago (double yuk) I have a tan, I am dirty all day and I hardly ever wear make-up.” [Letters Of Note]

Famed fashion critic Cathy Horyn on Fashion’s Night Out: “I hope it doesn’t go on. I don’t want it to continue… You know, we’re a nation of shoppers. That’s how people spend their time, shopping online, shopping in stores, acquiring. And I feel like we perpetuate that with Fashion’s Night Out. What are you really celebrating? Not art or great books. You’re celebrating shopping.” [The Daily Beast]

Controversial rapper Kanye West on the fashion world: “Fashion completely parallels with music. Fashion people look down on musicians. They look down on celebrities. I don’t care about whether I sit on the front row – I want to see art in its purest form.” [GQ]

Plus-size former America’s Next Top model winner Whitney Thompson on Karl Lagerfeld: “Karl Lagerfeld two years ago was saying the only people who care about plus size are the fat mummies sitting on their couches eating crisps. Now he’s shooting the plus issue for V, are you kidding? Really V, you forgot about that? I mean, it was a huge issue. And he has a Chanel line for plus girls and Crystal Renn’s in it and it’s so fake, it’s so phony, and people just jump on the bandwagon. So I think it’s important to do research and be smart about the companies that you do support.” [The Huffington Post]

Images: Vanity Fair

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