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Film Fashion: Love Story

1970’s Love Story inspired a generation of girls to wear knitted beanies and camel wool coats. Accordingly, we’re paying tribute to the perfectly polished ensembles and flawless fall fashion in today’s Film Fashion story.

Film Fashion: Love Story

With her almost jet-black hair, picture perfect complexion and signature au naturel eyebrows, Ali Macgraw, as Jennifer Cavelleri in 1970’s Love Story, inspired a generation of girls to wear knitted beanies and camel wool coats, and tell their boyfriends that “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Of course, here at Mama’s A Rolling Stone, we look past the romantic sentiments and focus on one thing only: the fashion.

In fact, if there is one thing Love Story is known for besides, of course, its tale of tragic romance, it is its perfectly polished ensembles and flawless fall fashion. On the grounds of their Cambridge campuses, Jennifer and her love, Oliver Barrett IV (played by Ryan O’Neal,) wear camel wool coats, chunky knit scarves, and tweed jackets. To meet Oliver’s parents, Jennifer wears a striking red dress. To ice-skate in Central Park, wool sweaters and fur muffs. Accordingly, with fall just around the corner, we are paying tribute to Jennifer Cavelleri’s scholarly style with a selection of Love Story-inspired picks that are perfect for a snowy stroll across campus with your first love. Read on!

1. Striped Knit Scarf ($7.80) by Forever 21
Fall in New England calls for a slew of cozy accessories, including scarves, beanies and oversized coats. This rugby-stripe scarf is bookish without being boring, thanks to its bold black-and-white stripes. Wear it with a turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans for a modern look.

2. Yours & Mine Double Band Ring ($136) by BB Becker
No love story is complete without a romantic ring to seal the deal. Engraved with an amorous quote by Emily Bronte—”Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same”—this ring will remind you of your love wherever you go.

3. Italian Leather Gloves ($126) by Forzieri
Whether she was watching Oliver ice skate, building a snowman, or getting a breath of fresh winter air, Jennifer didn’t go anywhere without a pair of chic leather gloves. We already think these cashmere-lined gloves are perfect, but the fur trim gives them an extra layer of warmth.

4. Vintage Knit Flower Beanie ($9.50) by Charlotte Russe
Naturally, a Love Story tribute isn’t complete without paying homage to Jennifer’s now-iconic red knit beanie. Whether Jennifer was cheering from the sidelines at Oliver’s hockey game, or walking through the snow, you can be sure her beloved beanie wasn’t far away.

5. Brow Tech To Go Pencil ($26) by Smashbox
Of course, it isn’t all about fashion—we also noticed Jennifer’s thick black eyebrows, a statement-making look that is perfect for die-hard beauty fans. This double-ended pencil allows you to create a bold eyebrow that will turn heads and make an impact.

6. Pleated Skirt Dress ($40.44) by ASOS
It is an age-old conundrum: what to wear when meeting the parents? Naturally, Jennifer opted for a confident yet chic ensemble: an eye-catching red dress, pulled back hair, and a simple clutch. In our minds, this dress is a must-have for any Love Story-inspired closet.

7. Back In The Saddle Crossbody Bag ($139) by Lucky Brand
A stroll across campus wouldn’t be complete for Jennifer without a stylish satchel for her notebooks. We like this crossbody saddle bag for its versatility—wear it to school, sling it over your shoulders for a music festival, or take it out shopping in the city.

8. Dream Turtleneck Sweater ($68) by J Crew
In quieter moments, Jennifer and Oliver are seen in their apartment, reading books and studying. Jennifer wears a sleek black turtleneck sweater, a patterned mid-length skirt, and a wide waist belt—a simple and smart ensemble that can easily be given a modern twist.

9. Quirce Knee-High Boots ($149.96) by Nine West
A romantic stroll through the snow calls for boots that are fashionable and functional. We love these fur-trimmed boots for that very reason: they’re cozy, undoubtedly comfortable, and totally chic! Wear them with skinny jeans and a wool trench for a contemporary Jennifer-inspired look.

10. Sleeveless T-Shirt ($55) by Juicy Couture
Despite the cold New England weather, there were still moments when Jennifer wore summer-ready pieces, including a chic sleeveless top adorned with bold red-and-white stripes. This perfectly preppy t-shirt is an ode to Jennifer’s smart and stylish aesthetic that will give any outfit a classic-yet-contemporary element.

11. Premium Godet Check Trench ($400) by Topshop
Last, but certainly not least: the trench coat, Jennifer’s go-to piece in the cold New England winter. Of course, you probably know that camel is one of Fall 2010’s favorite colors, which makes this chic trench an investment piece, a closet must-have, and an on-trend purchase!

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