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Urban Outfitters’ Jewelry Studio

Urban Outfitters is launching a dedicated boutique – an online Jewelry Studio – that will showcase up-and-coming jewelry designers and provide customers with a chance to buy custom pieces.

Urban Outfitters is following in its own footsteps and launching a second dedicated boutique – the Jewelry Studio – to sit alongside the newly-launched Beauty Shop. The online Jewelry Studio will feature an exclusive selection of designers including Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, Erika Pena and Sabrina Dehoff. Each designer will have their latest collection showcased in the Jewelry Studio, providing customers with a dedicated portal to up-and-coming jewelry designers. On top of this, a selection of the designers will create custom pieces especially for Urban Outfitters, with the one-off items sold exclusively at the online Jewelry Studio.

The initial line-up includes Archive, Erika Pena, BJ by Jules, Calourette, Dara Ettinger, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, Species By The Thousands and Sabrina Dehoff. While some of these brands may be well-known names, others are a little more obscure – as such, a little rundown is below.

The dedicated Jewelry Studio will launch online tomorrow at

Erika Pena

Erika Pena (pictured above) started creating jewelry out of necessity, transforming a deconstructed mother-of-pearl-lamp into earrings that she could sell to make some extra money. As luck would have it, one thing led to another: the earrings were spotted by a fashion editor and featured in a magazine – and now, five years later, Pena’s designs for free-spirited, eclectic and independent women like herself are carried across the map.


The brainchild of twin sisters Amber & Nicole Sutton, Archive jewelry is inspired by everything from flea-market finds and antique oddities to moments in time and the type from a lost love letter – each element helps tell a story both uncommon and elegant, one that incorporates an artful balance of old and new. Using vintage and deadstock materials to create handmade, one-of-a-kind designs, Archive blends tooled charms, eco-friendly metals, forgotten crystal strands and a mélange of eclectic travel souvenirs and unexpected embellishments into timeless treasures.

BJ by Jules

By unapologetically conquering the balance of art and aesthetics in jewelry, Jules Kim, the creator of BJ by Jules, harbors the ability to create objects that mirror the beautiful and chaotic world we inhabit: full of humor, tragedy, ambivalence, love and hate. Jules doesn’t just make jewelry – she makes an experience, demonstrating her ability to transcend the ordinary limits of vision and thought, and to capture the results in wearable art.


A ring of fingers, a fly brooch, a boat necklace, some mushrooms and a collection of small animals: French designer Marianne Rautureau’s creations are far from the classical standard, born of a fertile imagination and some childhood memories. Rautureau creates in a completely spontaneous way, transforming sweet dreams into reality – her wearable sculptures tell of everyday life and all-time favorites, each embodying the spirit of Calourette, a colloquial French term meaning “little bohemian.”

Dara Ettinger

Inspired by sunny California landscapes and Hollywood glamour, designer Dara Ettinger creates unique pieces that harmoniously blend minerals, stones, wood and gold. The resulting collection embodies a perfect balance between fashion and nature, incorporating precious materials and unexpected applications for memorable results.

Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

Lizzie Fortunato Jewels (pictured above) is based in downtown New York, where twin sisters Elizabeth & Kathryn incorporate exotic materials and assorted inspiration from around the globe, creating unexpected silhouettes from such unmistakably-novel materials as custom Indian beading, Parisian trims and the occasional vintage whalebone poker chip.

Species By The Thousands

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Species by the Thousands creates jewelry using sustainable materials such as vintage and reclaimed precious metals. Inspired by plants, animals, friends, lovers, monsters, goblins, ghosts, flowers and respect for the environment, designer Erica Bradbury founded the line in 2006, backed by the belief that bringing an eco-friendly approach to design and fashion is critical.

Sabrina Dehoff

Sabrina Dehoff launched her eponymous brand in 2006, and was immediately celebrated for her playful designs, incorporating lighthearted elements with a delicate execution. Dehoff holds a Master degree in Womenswear from London’s prestigious Royal College of Arts, and has worked for such Parisian luminaries as Guy Laroche and Lanvin, as well as her own Berlin-based fashion consultancy company and gallery, vonRot. Today, over 40 stockists carry the Sabrina Dehoff collection worldwide,

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